Artist Of The Month

Jay Star

“Jay Star” was born in Grenda, MS to two parents who are both musically inclined. As a child, he would sing often on his grandmother’s porch. Once he reached the age of 14, he moved to Memphis where he began writing songs and recording music in longtime friend’s closet “Eazy Money”. After graduating High School, developed his talents and began to fully do music. Becoming a rapper/singer/producer in 2012, he built his own wave and developed a style of singing on the chorus and rapping on verses. He continued perfecting choruses until it reached the point of getting the attention of Castalia’s next big artist “Sean B”. The song they released “F**king A G” grabbed the attention of Memphis Producer “AO” in which he began sending beats to Jay Star to do hooks for other artists along with making beats fro Jay Star. In the midst of it all, Jay Star released his 1st album with his hit single “Xxtra” picking up much attention throughout the south. 5 months after he released his next single “Get Away”and began working with AO on a complete R&B Album. November 11th,2018 he released his 1st R&B Album “Love is Pain” which gained a large amount of attention. As of now he’s headed into his 2nd R&B album and 2 Hip-Hop album.